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1. Network Installation:

1.1 Networking Solutions

Small to midsized businesses have been left out of the IT loop in the past due to cost constraints and network complexities. But with the increasing dependence on electronics and technology in general - computers, PDAs, e-mail, and Internet - even today's smallest business cannot afford to put off finding a network solution as soon as possible. Whether you need a few computers connected or you're looking for an entire networking plan that allows for growth and expansion, IT Shields has a networking solution that is right for you. Our networking solutions for SMB allows you many flexible options so you can be competitive. We also design and build the network that will change with your needs and growth. SMBs can take advantage of our network solutions: • 24/7 tech support - call up a knowledgeable technician for expert troubleshooting • Network installation - finally get what you want from your equipment with a more efficient system installed • Network management - leave certain projects up to professional IT managers so you can focus on running your business • Network maintenance and backup - our proactive maintenance and backup can prevent problems before they arise • Website hosting - this cost-friendly solution allows you to conduct extensive business on the web • CRM installation and configuration - manage customer communications and files in a central location • CRM application hosting - render great customer service without hiring additional employees Foolproof Enterprise Networking Solutions Multi-site enterprises depend almost exclusively on their technology to carry their business forward in fiercely competitive markets - and with good reason. Managing a big business today is not like it used to be. Communications, presentations, research, and file sharing all occur via myriad devices like mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, wireless Internet or their cabled counterparts. Whatever industry you conduct business in, enterprise networking solutions by IT Shields can make your system foolproof to help you avoid mistakes and setbacks during your critical everyday business dealings. We provide the fast thinking and 24/7 global support so no matter where you are in the world, IT Shields is your trusted ally. Enterprises can take advantage of these network solutions: • Network risk and security audit - eliminate and block intruders, and restore a secure network • Outsourcing and IT manager - completely unburden your staff by outsourcing all IT management to us • Global network management - maximize your network performance to reach all around the world • Computer network services - connect all your equipment, including peripherals • Management security - don't be perplexed by your machines any longer; let us take charge of your security Businesses big and small can discover the cost-effective, headache-reducing benefits of networking solutions by IT Shields. Call 323.378.0949 today to get a personalized quote. See Also: • Wireless Network Installation • Network Installation • Wireless Network Setup

1.2 Network Installation

Proper network installation is best left to the pros. Although the average businessperson is more tech-savvy today than in the past, it takes a team of highly experienced, well trained IT professionals to successfully install an intricate network for SMBs and enterprise businesses alike. The knowledgeable staffs at IT Shields are constantly being educated on the latest technology, products and network installation practices. We provide an ongoing comprehensive training program for our technicians to ensure that our staff is up to speed on the latest technological advancements and services. Our technicians have three to ten years of experience with a variety of networks and have extensive certification. When you hire professional network computer installers, you'll want to make sure they understand certain industry standards. If you've ever taken a good look at the back of your server, the variety of cables and cords can boggle the mind. Each cable is different and therefore comes with different standards. The network installation professionals assigned to you by IT Shields make sure your cables and components are current and comply with industry and national standards. They also make sure the entire network installation is fully tested and certified. Secure Network Installation You'll also want a secure network computer installation. At some point, every business is faced with data loss due to anything from user error to debilitating viruses to natural disasters. You cannot afford to lose the business-critical information that your company thrives on. Companies that experience extensive data loss don't survive, and your business is no exception. The documents and communications within your computer are not completely safe even after hitting the "save" button. Network installation by IT Shields ensures your entire infrastructure is as safe and fails proof as possible, with technicians available 24/7 to monitor and tracks your data and answers your questions. We can also recommend additional solutions that will further secure your network like server mirroring, migration and hosting, completely transitioning your architecture to a working infrastructure. Our network installation professionals come with a proven track record, an enduring commitment to customer satisfaction, and the expertise your business needs. Plus, the excellent reputation we have in the computer network industry is spreading. Many of our new customers are referrals from satisfied clients! We build relationships, understand your business process and manage your network installation seamlessly. Call us today at 323.378.0949 to discuss your network installation options with a certified technician. *Certification includes: PMp, MCTS, MCDST, MCSE, A+CERTIFICATION, MCDST, CCID, CCIE, CCNP, CCNA, CCSP, SNPA, CNA, IPS, CCSP, CISSP,MSCA, LINUX, ACP, MICROSOFT WINDOWS 2000, MICROSOFT WINDOWS NT, MICROSOFT WINDOWS SP, MS OFFIC, VB.NETNCSD, MICROSOFT VISUAL, CCEA, WINDOWS XP NET, ASP, CPROGRAMMING, DCOM/COM, MCAD, MCDBA, MCNE, MCP, MCSA, CCSE, CDIA, CISSP, CITRIX, CLP, CRM, MEDICAL BILLING, NOVELL, SSCP, SMS, CAD, MACROMEDIA, NET and more See Also: • Wireless Network Installation • Network Installation • Wireless Network Setup

1.3 Wireless Network Setup

Thinking of going wireless? IT Shields can help. We do wireless network setup for businesses of all sizes in a variety of locations. If your company relies on cellular phones, PDAs, pagers or laptops in its daily operations, our full range of wireless network services can allow you to become completely mobile. Stay in constant contact with employees, customers and vendors. Increase productivity, maintain instant communications and access data. Experience continual contact without compromise. We handle the assessment, design and implementation of VoIP networks. We use products from the vendors you trust, including Cisco, for your multi-location networks. We have the geographic flexibility to provide remote backup and server monitoring solutions. IT Shields empowers you with the tools you need to go wireless. Wireless network setup for Virtual Private Networks (VPN) In today's fast paced business environment, it is increasingly important for employees to have access to their data - anywhere, anytime. If you have distant branch offices or you want to allow your employees to work from home, our wireless network services are for you. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow users to establish secure links over the Internet to their private network. This technology is often used for staff to access company data from their homes via an Internet connection. Based on your company's requirements, we can design a VPN solution with special attention to the following three areas: • Security - VPNs offer various levels of security to ensure that while your information is traveling via the Internet, it is as safe as it is when traveling only through your office network. • Traffic Control - How many people will be using the virtual network at any given time and at what capacity? Different VPNs offer a wide range of acceptable "traffic" levels depending upon your needs. • Enterprise Management - Closely tied with security, these policies also outline who can connect and what privileges they may have. An extension of a private network, a VPN encompasses links across shared or public networks. VPN connections use the connectivity of the Internet plus a combination of tunneling and data encryption technologies - such as the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Layer Two Tunneling Protocol with Internet Protocol security (L2TP/IP Sec) - to connect remote clients and remote offices. VPN setup is just part of the wireless network support available by IT Shields. Call 323.378.0949 today for a complete overview of wireless network services See Also: • Wireless Network Installation • Network Installation • Wireless Network Setup

1.4 Wireless Network Installation

If your business is feeling confined to the limited flexibility of cables and cords, go wireless with the help of IT Shields. Wireless network installation can provide your company the mobility it needs to increase productivity and competitiveness in today's constantly moving business world. Our wireless network installation professionals have assisted thousands of clients in numerous industries in becoming wireless. This means they have likely seen your same scenario and have provided wireless network solutions for companies just like yours. Our loyal team of technicians, project managers and engineers are not only highly qualified and trained in wireless networking technology, but are skilled in the IT Shields approach - meaning they deliver consistent, high quality service to every client in any location. This is uncommon in the networking business. With other IT companies, you might see your technician one day and never hear from him the next. IT Shields is unfailing in their service and reliability, thus ensuring that any work we do is satisfaction guaranteed. Users see benefits of wireless network solution • National and global client interactions can run seamlessly because clients see the same real-time data you see. • Get a quick connection in the office, whether you're a PC user or laptop user. • Share the same printer, files, backup drives and broadband Internet connection as everyone in the office. • Free up office space that was once filled with messy wires and cables. • Gain the freedom and flexibility to work where, when and how you want. • No need to train employees on new devices as existing mobile devices can be used. • Receive access to real-time data, enabling more efficient and informed decision-making. • Get dedicated customer support - we're standing by 24/7 to keep you connected from anywhere in the world. Organizations see benefits of wireless network solution • Experience a decrease of costs associated with office space and cabling. • Notice an overall more efficient workforce as productivity rises. • Have more informed and productive customer meetings as data is made available in real-time. • See improved decision making and account management which, in turn, improves customer satisfaction. • Realize lifted geographical and time restrictions, providing another competitive advantage. • Clear, direct communication and collaboration through employee/client management applications that track time sheets and automatic invoicing all online. • Round out your network with our VoIP assessment, design, cabling and migration services. Security and privacy with a wireless network solution A common question about wireless networks is: Will my information remain secure and private? The simple answer is: Yes. Our networking professionals take into account security and privacy at every turn. We follow a strict group of specifications developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for wireless networks. This ensures that your wireless networks are password protected and only accessible by you and your employees. This ensures your information will not collide with another network while traveling from origin to destination points, which would result in data loss. We also accommodate the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), a wireless authentication protocol based on I.D. keys and bit-encryption. Realize the benefits of a wireless network installation today by calling us at 323.378.0949. See Also: • Wireless Network Installation • Network Installation • Wireless Network Setup

2. Network Maintenance

2.1 Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is one of the most ignored aspects of network ownership. Preventive Maintenance refers to performing proactive maintenance in order to prevent system problems. This is different from diagnostic or corrective maintenance, which is performed to correct an already-existing problem. Here are some reasons why you should develop a preventive maintenance plan for your network: • Preventive Maintenance Saves Money: Avoiding problems with your PC will save you money in the long run. By preventing a problem from occurring, you will no longer need to spend money on new components or repair jobs. • Preventive Maintenance Saves Time: Preventive maintenance saves time because it saves you the inconvenience and disruption of system failures and lost data. Most preventive maintenance procedures are quite simple compared to troubleshooting and repair procedures. • Preventive Maintenance Helps Safeguard Your Data: For most people, the data on the hard disk is more important than the hardware that houses it. Taking steps to protect this data therefore makes sense, and that is what preventative maintenance is all about. • Preventive Maintenance Improves Performance: Some parts of your system will actually degrade in performance over time, and preventive maintenance will help to improve the speed of your system in these respects. It is important to us at Network Infrastructure Technologies, Inc. that your computer systems will be as secure and steady as possible. If you would like to get an estimate for preventive maintenance that will suit your business needs, please contact the office to speak to a technical representative today. Keeping you Updated Windows update is the online extension to windows that helps you keep your computer up-to-date. Windows update will evaluate your computer to see which updates need to be applied on your system. We will make sure that all computer systems on the network are up-to-date using a centralized location for the updates. Network Infrastructure Technologies, Inc. inspects each update and makes the installation decision, based on a trial and error in a test environment, once the decision is there, the update on the system will be implemented by Network Infrastructure Technologies, Inc. using a centralize distribution location, then the necessary update will take place on the entire system at once.

2.2 Network Monitoring

As new technology is introduced year after year and companies update their systems to maintain a competitive edge, network monitoring and security become increasingly necessary and crucial. With the trend of 3G wireless networks, demand for wireless network monitoring services is growing. IT Shields handles both wireless and traditional computer network monitoring for businesses of any size in any location, consistently keeping up with changing hardware and software. Since most companies utilize a variety of technological devices - PCs, laptops/notebooks/tablets, PDAs, cellular phones - in the course of a regular business day, plus use many different platforms of communication and file sharing - e-mail, instant messaging, video and podcast - your critical business activities need 24/7 monitoring by an extra set of eyes, in this case secure network monitoring software from a certified IT Shields vendor. Our network monitoring services ensure your entire system is running smoothly 99.99% of the time. We constantly monitor your computer network for slow or failing systems and then notify the network administrator of outages, glitches, overloaded servers, crashed servers, network disconnections or anything that disrupts your system. Security The security of your IST network is our #1 priority. We secure your firewalls to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing your private networks. We encrypt your files so only password carrying users can decrypt them. We monitor your backup servers which are always located in Tier 1, temperature controlled, energy efficient data centers. Our ongoing network monitoring preserves an anti-virus environment, where threats are eliminated before system damage can occur. We keep your data and communications safe and available at all times. IT Shields's security experience allows us to give you the optimal level of security, business continuity, backup and disaster recovery that could not be achieved on your own. You can be confident day and night that your infrastructures are managed with industry-best security practices. Anti-Virus According to the CSI/FBI 2003 Computer Crime and Security Survey, 82% of the 490 respondents indicated that their organization was attacked by a virus during the past year. The financial impact to each organization averaged $15,066 for a total of $7,382,340. Depending on the size, requirements and structure of your infrastructure, our network consultants will develop a custom anti-virus solution to meet your needs, timelines and budget. Leveraging the industry's most capable software products, we provide scalable, cross-platform virus protection for workstations and network servers enabling centralized configuration, deployment, policy management, security settings and reporting. To ensure your anti-virus strategy is current and capable, contact us today. Server monitoring At IT Shields, we want to protect your critical data and reduce the costs of potential downtime. We proactively monitor your servers which can be placed in our Tier 1, temperature controlled, electricity controlled data centers. Our technicians receive instant notification of any problem with your servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide consistent, reliable service and can even provide network monitoring if you are located halfway around the world. Our management team has a predetermined response plan, so we can begin resolving the error and/or contact the appropriate individual within your organization for action. Call us at 323.378.0949 today to learn more about computer network monitoring for your company.

3. Computer Network Management

Sometimes all your company needs to remain competitive and successful in a technologically advanced world is to jumpstart just a couple areas of your IT department. This is when you can call on computer network management teams at IT Shields. Our project managers, technicians and engineers receive the best ongoing training so they are well versed in the most sophisticated and up-to-date procedures, software and hardware. Effective project implementation takes the ripples out of your outdated systems and infuses life into the technology that is meant to help, not hinder. Computer network management by IT Shields can help you cut costs and enhance productivity throughout your company, whether you have one location or several locations throughout the U.S. or throughout the world. With the variety and sheer number of channels through which today's information is disseminated, your business cannot afford to be left behind. Once thought only affordable and available to large businesses, IT services are now readily available to small and midsized companies as well. Let one of our computer network managers visit your office to discuss how you can empower your business by improving your IT today. Computer Network Management Services We Offer: • Risk Analysis and Assessment - discover potential problems and vulnerabilities well before disaster strikes • Network & System Design and Administration - see the big picture and finally get the most efficient network • Vendor Management & Software Configuration - get updated software from trusted vendors to communicate effectively and organize critical data • Cabling and Infrastructure - make sense of complex equipment and get the most from your system • Network Setup - connect your computers, servers and peripherals; ask about wireless network setup as well • Data Storage and Protection - keep your data secure and confidential with routine backups and reliable data recovery solutions • Rollouts, Troubleshooting and Migrations - make a presentation or product introduction memorable with professional technology; give your IT equipment and staff a smooth transition to a new office location • Regulatory Compliance and Documentation Management - avoid legal problems and safeguard vital information; let us take care of properly documenting every process and procedure • Group Policy Design - understand the parameters under which your network is governed and what you can and cannot do within your network • IT Project Management - get help from expert technicians on a project-by-project basis • Call Center & Help Desk Support - don't be perplexed by IT glitches that can be solved in a few minutes by our experienced technicians • Remote Access - mobile and offsite employees can feel in the loop with wireless networks that allow them access to company information and communications Call IT Shields today to find out more about computer network management services at 323.378.0949.

4. Backup Solutions

The Backup Process: We develop the simplest and most effective solution for you; one which is customized and dedicated to your needs. Determine the location and amount of data to be backed up Dedicate a backup server Installation of backup hardware if required (Tape drive, etc) Setup and configuration of backup software and media Configuration of backup type and schedule (i.e., Rotation) Configuration of alerts and notifications on job status Regular backup integrity check We develop the simplest and most effective solution for you; one which is customized and dedicated to your needs. We determine the location and amount of data to be backed up, and install backup hardware if required (Tape drive, etc.). We setup and configure backup software. We configure alerts and notifications on job status, and perform regular backup integrity checks.

4.1 Backup Assessment

After the Information Systems Backup & Data Protection assessment is performed by Network Infrastructure Technologies, Inc., steps can be taken to eliminate any threats and vulnerabilities that were discovered and to improve on the overall awareness of Backup and Data Protection related issues. After the systems are presumed effective by Network Infrastructure Technologies, Inc., an organization should continuously assess threats and vulnerabilities using automated monitoring tools. Full Backup & Data Protection assessments should also be scheduled periodically to ensure that an enhanced level of Backup & Data Protection is maintained and up-to-date best practices are followed. Information system backup and data protection requirements are constantly evolving and changing. What is presumed effective today may not be sufficient for the needs of tomorrow? Therefore, this information systems Backup & Data Protection report should be viewed not as a destination, but rather a continuing journey. A Backup & Data Protection assessment, that we can offer, provides tangible and intangible value to the organization being reviewed and should be seen as the first crucial step in managing data protection risk. The primary value of a Backup & Data Protection assessment lies in the discovery of potential risk areas before they have the opportunity to become active problems for the organization. The value of a Backup & Data Protection assessment can be measured in the terms of return on investment (ROI). ROI attempts to quantify the real value of an improved Backup & Data Protection Plan based on assessment and modification. Backup & Data Protection assessments helps reduce the costs associated with information system data integrity solutions. Expenses that can arise from ineffective or insufficient Backup & Data Protection can include: the cost to rebuild, repair or replacement of violated systems; the loss of business assets such as intellectual property or trade secrets; the cost of business interruption due to unplanned downtime; liability and possible fines associated with the failure to comply with information protection laws and regulations; and business erosion due to loss of confidence and trust from customers, partners and associates. In short, a Backup & Data Protection assessment's value can be can be expressed by the cost savings derived from the processes of optimizing the Backup & Data Protection plan, improving efficiencies, enhancing availability, and improving risk management. Studies have shown that environments that have implemented enhanced Backup & Data Protection technology will perform better and be more reliable than insecure environments. Essentially, this adds value for the organization, their partners, customers, and ultimately for the networked public at large.

5. Network and Systems Security

IT SHIELDS provides complete protection utilizing the latest and most secure applications and security methods. Ongoing maintenance preserves a working up-to-date anti-virus environment, where threats can be better pinpointed and eliminated before loss or damage to your system can occur. We will help you keep your data and communications safe and available at all times. If your network security has been compromised due to intruders, denial of service attacks, worms or viruses, we will get your network back up and running and ensure your network is secure. IT SHIELDS's security experience allows our clients to obtain a level of data security, business continuity, backup and disaster recovery that could not be achieved on their own. They gain the security of knowing that their infrastructures are managed with industry-best security practices.

5.1 Network Security Management

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy Just hearing the words "regulatory compliance" can make you want to hide under your desk. Yet it's something today's business owner and CIO cannot ignore. Over the past decade, major legislation has been passed affecting the storage requirements and data management of public companies, medical care providers and financial institutions. To ensure you meet the standards on every major U.S. regulation, call on the network security management team at IT Shields for help. We can set up or alter your current computer networking systems to comply with all the major regulations like these: HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act What it is: This regulation affects virtually every area of health-related organizations in the U.S. HIPAA was set forth to standardize privacy and protection of all health information. HIPAA requires the ability to establish and maintain reasonable and appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the information. How we help: Our network security management teams are highly experienced in maintaining the integrity and confidentiality for entire healthcare systems. We have been doing it for years and have served some of the largest, most prestigious hospitals in the world. Don't wait any longer to protect your patients' invaluable electronic data. SOX - Sarbanes-Oxley Act What it is: This is one of the most important and controversial laws impacting public corporations. It was passed as a result of several major accounting scandals including Enron and Tyco International. The purpose of SOX is to protect investors and requires accounting firms to comply with stringent rules regarding what records must be maintained, how long relevant material must be maintained, accounting procedures requirements, and consequences for failure to follow the Act. How we help: Since we are fully knowledgeable in enterprise network security, we are your best ally in SOX compliance. We help you maintain the appropriate transaction and audit trails; we maintain data for not less than seven years; we safeguard information to evade tampering and we make your records/backups totally accessible to you when you need them. GLB - Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act What it is: The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act affects the financial services industry and allows the consolidation of commercial and investment banks. Its rules are designed to protect the privacy interests of individuals in their interactions with various financial institutions. How we help: Handling the migration and merging of IT infrastructure, especially of two large corporations, can be somewhat intimidating. Network Technology Infrastructure can handle the entire migration process, keeping vulnerable information completely secure. We provide the administrative, technical and physical safeguards that protect your customers' information from disclosure, alteration or deletion. SEC/NESD - Securities Exchange Commission/ National Association of Securities Dealers Regulations What it is: Enacted in the 1930s, this was meant to protect investors from fraudulent or misleading claims. Records were required to be made and kept for the purposes of review and auditing. In 1997, the Commission amended the primary rule to allow brokers and dealers to store records electronically. How we help: Network security management by IT Shields preserves records in a non-rewriteable, non-erasable format; we verify the quality and accuracy of the recording process; and we time-date for the required period of retention. While regulatory compliance is just one part of enterprise network security, it is an essential part. Call us today at 323.378.0949 to become fully compliant.

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